Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Does Frank Wolf Agree with Joe May?

I wonder if Frank Wolf agrees with Del. Joe May (R-Loudoun) on this:
One small paragraph in a current version of the proposed state budget could force Virginia to effectively reset the floundering Dulles rail project.

An amendment to the proposed House of Delegates 2008 budget, which passed the House Appropriations Committee Sunday, directs Secretary of Transportation Pierce Homer to "resolicit competitive proposals" for the rail project.

According to amendment author Del. Joe May (R-Loudoun), reworking the stalled project would get it moving again.

Given that Wolf has blocked all attempts to open this enormous project up to competitive bidding in order to get the best possible value for the taxpayer, I doubt he supports Del. May on this one. Still, if Wolf is such a "leader" on rail to Dulles, you'd think he would at least consider it.

P.S. I don't recommend holding your breath on this one.

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