Friday, February 1, 2008

Frank Wolf's Farewell Tour

Wow, exciting news from Frank Wolf!
U.S. Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-Va.) kicked off his 2008 reelection campaign yesterday, his 69th birthday, at the Washington Dulles Airport Hilton. Wolf, first elected to Congress in 1980, is in his 14th term and is Virginia's most-senior House member.
What, you're not excited? I mean, the thought of having Frank Wolf voting against protecting the environment, funding stem cell research, enforcing accountability on contractors in Iraq, ending the war in Iraq, expanding children's health care coverage, instituting employment non-discrimination for gays and lesbians, promoting energy conservation and renewables, supporting collective bargaining rights for public safety officers, implementing mortgage reform and anti-predatory lending legislation, etc. for another two years doesn't get you all fired up?

If not, you DO have a choice. Her name is Judy Feder, and she'll fight for YOU -- not the special interests or the whoever the occupant of the White House happens to be -- in Congress. In 2008, it's time to say "Welcome Judy" and "Farewell Frank!" Let's make 2008 Frank Wolf's Farewell Tour of his long and...well, long career in Congress!

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Anonymous said...

Well said, Lowell. At my House Party for Judy Monday, she strongly condemned retroactive immunity and extending surveillance powers. I was in the "queue" to ask a question at Wolf's "town hall" teleconference Monday, but was never called, so I called his office and asked his position on retroactive immunity. "They'll get back to you." Right. The WSJ revealed that the DOD as been acting in direct violation of law, viz., the Total Information Awareness program which was BANNED by the Wyden amendment in 2003. Let's see if Wolf even comments on this continued denigration of the Constitution by BushCo. The article is here: