Monday, February 11, 2008

Judy Feder: Vote Tomorrow!

From Judy Feder...go vote!

Voters throughout Virginia and across the region have the chance to be heard tomorrow. Democratic turnout around the country has already set records and sent a powerful message to Washington that change is on the way.

We'll have volunteers at over 60 polling places in the 10th District on Tuesday, listening to voters as they go to the polls and asking them to join us in bringing fundamental change to Washington.

After casting your ballot on Tuesday I invite you to join our effort to transform the way Washington does business.

Click here to volunteer, host a house party, or help in any way you can.

Thanks to the overwhelming support for our campaign we're stronger than we've ever been. The Washingon Post says we're building a war chest based on the strength of our financial support. With you're help we can put that that war chest to work and bring change to the 10th District and our country.

You're already making a difference and together we'll finish the job in November.


Judy Feder

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