Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bruce Roemmelt: "I'm voting for Judy Feder on June 10th"

Great letter by Bruce Roemmelt, former candidate for House of Delegates:
I'm voting for Judy Feder on June 10th

The Democratic congressional primary is fast approaching. In the 10th Congressional District there is a primary to decide who will face a Republican who has for all intents has been a rubber stamp for President Bush, and for all intents and purposes supported the him at all costs.

Judy Feder is my choice in the 10th for two huge reasons. Her health care background is stellar and the administration's (and Frank Wolf's) lack of addressing this issue is a very critical failure to me. Not only is it important to figure out how to insure 48 MILLION Americans with out health care, but it's also important to deal with the outrageous costs associated with health care that are added, for example, to every product produced in the USA. Judy is the clear choice to deal with this issue.

Then there is the war. Judy has been right on Bush's misguided policies from the beginning just like our next president Senator Obama. Speaking out and opposing the war in Iraq was not popular, nor respected three and four years ago, but Judy was there with a firm understanding of what is really needed to protect America. As a Vietnam veteran I fully support her.

A vote for Judy in the primary will be my initial support for her, prior to her election and taking a well deserved seat in the 111th Congress.

Bruce Roemmelt

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