Thursday, May 8, 2008

Money's Not Everything, But Still...

Money may not be everything in political campaigns, but still...this is great news:
House Challenger Candidates Who Have the Most Campaign Cash on Hand (as of March 31)

1. Jim Himes, Democrat, Connecticut's 4th ($1.1 million)
2. Kay Barnes, Democrat, Missouri's 6th ($954,000)
3. Sandy Treadwell, Republican, New York's 20th ($929,000)
4. Darcy Burner, Democrat, Washington's 8th ($922,000)
5. Mark Schauer, Democrat, Michigan's 7th ($751,000)
6. Dan Seals, Democrat, Illinois' 10th ($745,000)
7. Judy Feder, Democrat, Virginia's 10th ($700,000)
8. Michael Skelly, Democrat, Texas' 7th ($667,000)
9. Gary Peters, Democrat, Michigan's 9th ($645,000)
10. Robert Lord, Democrat, Arizona's 3rd ($632,000)

The point is not that money will win the race for Judy Feder, the point is that the amount of money she's raising indicates two things: 1) competitiveness; and 2) support. Combined with the fact that Frank Wolf has been a consistent rubber stamp for George W. Bush, not to mention completely out of touch with the wishes of 10th CD residents on a whole host of issues -- ranging from Iraq to stem cells to reproductive rights to health care to the environment -- Judy Feder's prodigious fundraising bodes well for her chances this fall. Go Judy!

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