Sunday, May 4, 2008

Signs of Things to Come in VA-10?

If I were Frank Wolf, I'd be very nervous looking at results like these:
Tonight's results will get picked apart for analysis by lots of people in the coming days. But in short, it will become obvious that Cazayoux's margin of victory came from black votes -- you disrespect that community at your own peril. And second of all, Republicans once again failed, in a blood red district, to scare voters into submission by running scary ads against scaaaary national Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

Voters, even in solidly conservative districts, are simply not that scared of Democrats anymore. It's Bush they're terrified of.

One last thought -- Democrats now have a 235-199 advantage in the U.S. House. They started the cycle 233-202.
It's very possible that, come November, the Democratic advantage will be significantly bigger than 235-199. Let's make sure that Judy Feder is part of the Great Democratic Wave of 2008. Stay tuned, but more importantly...get involved!

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