Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why Does Frank Wolf hate polar bears?

Personally, I think polar bears are amazing animals. Certainly, I wouldn't want to see them lose their habitat or even go extinct. Yesterday, even the heinously anti-environment Bush Administration listed the polar bear as "threatened." Who would want to see the polar bears, these iconic animals of North America, harmed? Well, now that you mention it...

...from the 2006 League of Conservation Voters scorecard, here's Frank Wolf's pathetic environmental record (27% LCV rating) in general, and his even more pathetic record on the polar bear specifically:

*Wolf supported drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), with its "abundant and diverse wildlife, including rare musk oxen, polar bears, grizzlies, wolves, millions of migratory birds, and more than 120,000 caribou."

But wait, it gets worse. Not only has Frank Wolf supported drilling in the polar bear's habitat, he also has not supported comprehensive global warming legislation that would protect that habitat from melting in to oblivion, taking the polar bears with it.

Which leaves us with a simple question: "Why does Frank Wolf hate polar bears?"

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