Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wolf Votes Against Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act

Here we go again with Frank Rudolph Wolf, the best friend the oil companies (and the Saudis) ever had in Congress. This time, Wolf voted against the Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act to "help expand the production and use of renewable energy, create 'green collar' jobs and provide tax important tax benefits to middle class families." As Rep. Jim Moran says, "The path to energy independence, however, is paved not with petroleum but with sustainable, renewable sources of power-a path that protects our environment, creates good jobs and boosts our economy." Moran adds, "Americans have always had the ingenuity, drive and vision to make this a reality; finally we have a Congress to match that's willing to put its muscle behind a plan for a green future."

Apparently, Frank Wolf is not a believe in American ingenuity, drive and vision OR in a "green future." Instead, it's huge profits for ExxonMobil (and the Saudis), $4 per gallon for you. Welcome to Wolf's world!

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The Green Miles said...

Simply stunning that Frank Wolf would reject smart, sensible solutions to our energy problems, especially with so many clean energy businesses sprouting up right here in Virginia.