Monday, May 19, 2008

Judy at the JJ's

As we come down the home stretch to June 10, Judy Feder had a busy and productive weekend, including attendance at the Prince William and Fairfax County JJ Dinners this weekend.

Judy gave a short, energetic speech at the Prince William JJ. She said that electing the next Democratic president couldn't come soon enough. She called for change -- on health care, the economy, the war in Iraq, etc. -- and said we need leaders with the energy and commitment to make that change happen. She declared that Frank Wolf was NOT the member of Congress to bring that change, and that she WAS that leader. Two years ago, Feder reminded the crowd, she "gave Frank Wolf his toughest race in a quarter century." According to Feder, the way to beat Wolf is to "come at him again," to "build on what we accomplished" the first time around, to run a "longer, stronger race."

At the Fairfax JJ, none of the candidates spoke, but there was a Democratic straw poll for the 10th CD. Judy won that overwhelmingly, 65-7. Congratulations, now let's do it in the real vote on June 10!

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