Friday, May 16, 2008

Tom Davis: 10th CD "in play" for Judy Feder!

It's not often that you get to read a memo written by one Republican arguing that one of their Republican colleagues (and neighbors) is in electoral danger. But now we've got one, courtesy of Rep. Tom Davis (R-11). It's a long memo, but here's the part we particularly enjoyed reading over at Feder for Congress:
A look at key House races shows Democratic candidates much better funded than their GOP counterparts. This is in addition to the major advantage held by the Congressional campaign committees and their liberal 527s. Even second tier Democrats have substantial fundraising cash on hand, allowing a well stocked DCCC to put races in play that are not currently on radar. The following chart illustrates the point (bolding added for emphasis):

District Republican COH Democrat COH

California 04* McClintock $125K Brown $590K
California 11 Andal 531K McNerny 1.153M
Florida 16 Valeche (pr.) 589K Mahoney 1.032M
Rooney (pr.) 442K
Florida 24 Feeney 549K Kosmas 581K
Idaho 1 Sali 124K Minnick 327K
Illinois 10 Kirk 2.25M Seals 745K
Indiana 3 Souder 293K Montagna 267K
Michigan 7 Walberg 604K Schauer 751K
Missouri 6 Graves 1,132M Barnes 954K
New York 29 Kuhl 355K Masas 565K
Virginia 10 Wolf 735 K Feder 700K
Washington 8 Reichardt 695K Burner 921K

That's right, Tom Davis himself says that the 10th CD is in play, that Judy Feder could defeat his pal Frank Wolf this November. I doubt this makes Frank Wolf very happy, but Tom Davis is known as one of the GOP's most astute political analysts and that's his analysis. At least Frank Wolf won't be surprised when, come November, we're all saying "Farewell Frank!" :)


Howling Latina said...

From your post to God's ears.

Stephen said...

Let's hope Davis is right!