Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A "Wolf Premium?"

I see that Rep. Bob Goodlatte is blabbering about how $4 per gallon gasoline prices are all the Democrats' "fault." Specifically, Goodlatte claims on his blog that "Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress have failed to show leadership" and that "Americans can’t afford the Pelosi Premium."

True, this is complete silliness and distortion, but since when has that stopped Republicans like Bob Goodlatte from mouthing off? In this case, though, it's particularly egregious, as it's overwhelmingly been Bob Goodlatte, Frank Wolf and their fellow Republicans who have blocked a sensible energy policy for this country in recent years. Whether voting against renewable energy development, showering outrageous tax breaks on record-profit-making oil companies like ExxonMobil, proposing to "drill our way out of the problem" (which no serious energy experts believe we can do) and trashing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the process, doing nothing to slash our oil consumption and get off our "oil addiction," blocking a "cap and trade" system, opposing higher fuel economy standards on vehicles and appliances, etc., etc., it's been Republicans like Frank Wolf and Bob Goodlatte -- not Nancy Pelosi -- who have contributed to rising energy prices.

A "Wolf Premium," one might say if one were so inclined. Fortunately, we'd never say something like that, as we Democrats care about actually getting things done, not just trying to score cheap political points and distract attention from the real causes of our energy problems. As the Goodlattes and Wolfs of the world like to do.

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