Monday, April 7, 2008

$900,000 for Feder!

This is impressive by pretty much any standard. Go Judy!
Wow! It's been an incredible few weeks. On March 6th we challenged you to help us reach our goal of 2008 individual donations by our March 31st fundraising deadline. Your response was overwhelming - and we ended the quarter with 2,394 donations by individual donors since we began this campaign.

With your help we're shattering our own records and have now raised nearly $900,000 -- a level of fundraising strength we didn't reach until Labor Day in 2006.

To all of you who have contributed, and all you who have already signed up to volunteer, I want to say thank you.

Our success, our strength, is because of you -- and it's starting to get noticed. Just last week, Marc Fisher of the Washington Post noted our "strong challenge" of Frank Wolf as further evidence that Virginia Republicans are in trouble.

We've come a long way together over the past few months, but there is much work left to be done. We'll need to knock on tens of thousands of doors, make hundreds of phone calls per night and yes, raise another million dollars or more. But with the help of thousands of supporters who are hungry for change I'm confident we can get there.

Click here to join our campaign and volunteer.

I continue to be inspired by your support and I know that together we really can change Washington.


Judy Feder

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