Thursday, April 17, 2008

Loudoun Going Green; Where's Wolf?

This is great news from the Loudoun County:
Loudoun County officials pledged Tuesday to help reduce the region's greenhouse gas emissions and encourage more environmentally friendly buildings, which they said probably will save taxpayers money and cut the county's contribution to global warming.

The Board of Supervisors voted to join three regional environmental initiatives. One of them provides tools and guidelines to help the county adopt green building standards. A second would grant Loudoun the label of "green county" if it meets certain requirements.

The third measure signs up Loudoun for the Cool Capital Challenge, which aims to reduce the Washington region's carbon dioxide emissions by a billion pounds by next April...

Good for Loudoun County's (majority Democratic) supervisors -- with the major exception of right-wing Republican Eugene Delgaudio, who "mocked fears related to global warming." Which reminds me, where's Frank Wolf on global warming? Last I checked, he was busy giving big tax breaks to oil companies while voting against energy efficiency, renewable energy, serious measures to cap greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental protection in general. I'm pretty sure that Eugene Delgaudio approves, but what about he rest of us? And what about the planet, as Earth Day approaches?

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