Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Speaker Howell Vows to "Win Back" Loudoun

Is this a joke or what?
House Speaker William J. Howell made it clear yesterday that he is looking to Loudoun County to help Republicans keep control of the House of Delegates in the 2009 elections.

"I know this sounds self-serving, the presidential stuff is important, but next year we've got House of Delegates seats, and there's a couple that are representing Loudoun and parts of Loudoun County that I know we can win back," Howell told a meeting of the Loudoun County Republican Committee.
Yeah, after Tim Kaine won Loudoun County (52%-46%) in 2005, Jim Webb won it (50%-49%) in 2006, and Karen Schultz won it (52%-44%) in 2007, that's really likely to happen. Maybe after Judy Feder beats Frank Wolf in Loudoun County this November, then Bill Howell can start his great comeback? Or not. :)

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Anonymous said...

Its funny how you believe people read this and that you have linked your blog to Feder's wikipedia page. trust me, Feder's support is not as widespread as you think