Monday, April 28, 2008

Judy Feder #11 Nationally in Cash Competitiveness

Over at Swing State Project, they've compiled a list of the top 75 non-open seat House races and ranked them in terms of their cash-on-hand competitiveness. Judy Feder ranks #11 nationally, with an impressive 98% competitiveness rating against incumbent Frank Wolf. The 5th CD's Tom Perriello checks in at #15, with an 84% rating vs. Virgil Goode based on the latest filings. 2nd CD newcomer Glenn Nye clocks in at #44, with a 38% rating so far against Thelma Drake. Not bad at all!

Obviously, money isn't everything, but nonetheless this is encouraging news for Feder, Perriello, and Nye. And it doesn't even count the open seat in the 11th CD, which is a very likely Democratic pickup. In short, things are looking good for the "blue team" here in Virginia, especially considering that Republican turnout in the Virginia presidential primary February 12 was around 490,000, compared to over 950,000 for the Democrats (Barack Obama alone received 100,000+ more votes than all the Republican candidates combined). Take one guess who's more fired up in Virginia this year, Democrats or Republicans? :)

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Joshua said...

hmmmmm, mostly out of district and out of state funding. nice to know the rest of the country has the 10th districts best interests at heart :/