Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Frank Wolf Opposes Voting Integrity

Congressman Frank Wolf apparently does not want any verified records of elections. Given the opportunity to vote with Rep. Davis and 27 other Republicans for passage of a bill that would provide funding for paper trails in the November elections, Rep. Wolf chose to side with the Administration and unverifiable, hackable voting instead.

Here's what the bill's sponsor, Rep. Rush Holt, had to say.
Rep. Rush Holt today strongly criticized House members for blocking legislation – the Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008 (H.R. 5036) – that would encourage states to conduct verifiable elections by converting to a paper ballot voting system, offering emergency paper ballots, and conducting hand-counted audits. Two weeks ago, the same legislation passed the House Administration Committee with bipartisan, unanimous support, including from some of those who voted to block the bill’s passage today.

“This bill would represent a real step forward in our effort to protect the accuracy, integrity and security of the November elections,” Holt said. “The bill that the House leadership scheduled for a vote today is the same one that passed two weeks ago without the objection of a single Committee member. There is no reason why this should be a partisan issue but the Republicans evidently have chosen to make it so. The White House issued a statement opposing the bill and 176 of 203 Republicans voted that way.” - Rep. Rush Holt
That's our Representative, Frank Wolf. When George W. Bush says "jump," he replies, "how high?"

What's interesting is that the rationale for his vote - that the bill was to costly - is only applicable when trying to improve our system. If it's a bad idea, like limitless war funding, Rep. Wolf is all for it.

The cost of the voter verification bill? Probably $600 million.

The cost of the Iraq war through November? Probably $600 billion.

Rep. Frank Wolf believes that security in Iraq is one thousand times more important than the security of your vote. Needless to say, we need to elect Judy Feder to Congress and realign our national priorities.

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