Thursday, April 3, 2008

Frank Wolf's, er, Misstatements on Energy

Check this out from Frank Wolf's latest "E-Newsletter" (received yesterday late afternoon):
Ultimately, America must find ways to curb its dependence on foreign oil and become more energy independent. I support efforts to increase conservation, develop alternative fuels, tap domestic sources of energy, as well as making the machines we use, especially automobiles, more energy efficient. I will continue to work to find both short- and long- term answers to the country's energy needs.

Oh, really Congressman? So if you supposedly "support" energy efficiency, alternative fuels, etc., then why have you consistently voted against energy efficiency, against renewable energy, and against measures to reduce our nation’s dependency on foreign oil? Is your memory failing you, or are you simply willing to tell your constituents anything in order to perpetuate the myth that you're a "moderate" (and to get re-elected for the gazillionth time)? Oh, and when are you going to tell residents of the 10th CD about how you've voted time and again for tax breaks to Big Oil at a time that people are paying $3.50 per gallon for gasoline and Big Oil is making enormous profits? C'mon, Congressman, I'm sure they'd LOVE to hear all about that! :)

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