Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Judy Feder: Frank Wolf will "keep on failing us"

"Whether it's health insurance, people seeing their neighbors lose their home because of the mortgage crisis, or people horrified by the seemingly neverending war in Iraq, people want change. Frank Wolf, 27 years; I don't think he's gonna bring people that change. He's told the voters of the 10th district, elect him again, he's gonna keep on failing us just as he's been. I'm running to bring about that change."


Jessica K said...

What are Judy's ACTUAL chances of winning this race? I know she'll win the primary, but the district is rated +5 republican, kerry lost the district in 2004, and she lost by 16 points in 1006. what makes her think she can actually close the gap this time? on other blogs, people talk about her being "out of place" in VA-10. i want to support her but i'm just not sure.

Lowell said...

I'd say the chances are good, considering that the district is rapidly trending Democratic, that turnout will be extremely heavy this presidential election year (which should favor the Democrats), that Mark Warner's on the ticket, that Judy's running a much better campaign than last time around (and starting earlier), and that Frank Wolf has 2 more years of rubberstamping George W. Bush to defend. Anyway, you should support Judy because she will make BY FAR the better congressperson. Thanks.