Friday, April 25, 2008

McLean Connection: Feder and Wolf Set the Money Pace

The current McLean Connection makes it clear: Judy Feder and Frank Wolf are in a 10th CD league of their own when it comes to money.
U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10) and Democratic challenger Judy Feder raised nearly the same amount of money and significantly more than their primary opponents during the first three months of 2008.

Wolf has $715,358 headed into a primary against Ashburn Republican Vern McKinley, who has raised $18,325 overall. Feder has $700,046 to face Air Force veteran Mike Turner, who has raised $82,193 overall, in the Democratic primary.

In short, Judy Feder's the only challenger -- Republican or Democratic -- who is keeping pace with Frank Wolf in terms of money raised. And that's important. As Luke McFarland, Judy Feder's campaign manager, noted, "Part of what is different about Judy is that she is even with Frank Wolf in her ability to spend and get her message out to the voters."

As to the source of money for the various candidates, here's the key, according to the McLean Connection article:
It is hard for any challenger — even those who can fund raise like Feder — to find money inside a district. Both Turner and McKinley also raised the majority of their money out-of-state.
And Luke McFarland is quoted, "Jim Webb won with only 51 percent of his money coming from in-state." In other words, that's just the way it goes in politics -- incumbents get lots of money from inside their districts, some of which comes from people who hope to get something from said incumbent. Challengers get some money from inside their districts, but also a significant percentage from other places. I believe it's been this way for, oh, forever. As even Judy's primary opponent notes, "I don’t begrudge Judy her out-of-state money. She is getting money anywhere she can get it and good for her." Good point.

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