Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Feder Profile in Winchester Star

Check out the Winchester Star's profile of Judy Feder:
"The Bush administration has been asleep at the wheel, and Frank Wolf has been there helping them," Feder said. "Their practice has been to borrow and spend, which is not good."

She said Wolf has campaigned for years about getting rail service to the Dulles International Airport, but none has been installed.

"Frank Wolf has been promising rail to Dulles for years, but the danger is we are not going to get it," Feder said. "People are very concerned about having a transportation system where it needs to be."

Feder said the concern about Iraq also calls into question Wolf’s fundamental support of Bush policy.

"I was talking to a couple in Manassas, and their son is in his second tour in Iraq," she said. "They said he was all right, but his wife and children need him back now. [Wolf’s stand with Bush on the war] has put [soldiers] at risk and in harm’s way."

Feder said the cost of the war could pay for health care for 40 million Americans who do not have it now.

She said Wolf generally has been supportive of Bush and his policies, often at the expense of residents of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

"People need to know his record and realize he is not doing a better job," Feder said. "I will stand up for the future. I am proud of my positions.

In sum, Wolf fails on rail to Dulles, on Iraq, on health care...and I would also add on energy prices and upholding American values against torture. It is way, WAY past time for a change in the 10th district. Go Judy!

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