Thursday, March 13, 2008

Don't Hold Your Breath, Greenpeace Guys

I applaud these environmental activists for urging Frank Wolf to do the right thing on the environment:
Citing coastal security concerns and farming economy, a group of about 20 Greenpeace student activists gathered in Herndon on Wednesday afternoon, March 5, before heading to U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf’s (R-10) office to invite him to co-sponsor legislation combating climate change. The activists met with Wolf’s staff and presented more than 1,000 petitions collected in the 10th district in support of the Safe Climate Act of 2006.
"Our message is for Frank Wolf," said Rachel Payne, a Greenpeace student activist. "Virginia is for leaders — Washington, Jefferson, Madison — and we want Frank Wolf to know he can take place among these leaders" by sponsoring the Safe Climate Act.

Sadly, I think the chances of Wolf actually doing what you (correctly) urge him to do are close to zero. Remember, this is the guy who has repeatedly voted AGAINST renewable energy, AGAINST energy security for our nation, and AGAINST the environment. Is there any reason to expect that 1,000 petitions -- or, heck, 1,000,000 petitions -- will unharden Frank Wolf's heart on this? My advice: don't hold your breaths and wait for Wolf on this one. Instead, campaign for Judy Feder and let's get a Representative who cares more about the environment than about ExxonMobil's mega-billions in profits.

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The Green Miles said...

Frank has said he supports "finding ways for our nation to become energy independent." As long as those ways don't include using less imported oil or less imported coal. But look out, imported firewood! Your days are numbered!