Friday, March 7, 2008

Paging Frank Wolf!

Since Frank Wolf has been such an outward opponent of new power lines in the 10th CD, I was just wondering where he was on this:
There will be underground lines in Loudoun. After two years of negotiation with Dominion Power, after a junket to Europe, $3,000 in 2007 campaign donations, and a free ticket to a Redskins Game, all paid for by Dominion Power, Joe May has succeeded in his signature goal of getting underground lines for power in his District. The Governor still has to sign off on the bill, but that is not expected to be a problem after the Senate approved it this week.

I have often criticized Del. May for his efforts on this issue, so let me offer our congratulations in his success. Del. May has ensured that there will be buried lines in Loudoun, and that achievement cannot be taken away from him.


Two years, a trip to Europe and back, multiple SCC hearings, negotiations with the company and last-minute revisions to legislation, and the result is less than 2 miles of underground lines. And the rest of that route, some 10.2 miles, will be above-ground, traditional high-tension wires.


This outcome is a calculated triumph for Dominion Power...

Paging Frank Wolf, paging Frank Wolf, your district is getting screwed. Where are you?

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