Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Second-Worst Gridlock in the Country...and Getting Worse

Here's some depressing reading:
The Washington-area commute is the country's second-worst after Los Angeles, according to a study released last year by the Texas Transportation Institute.

Interstate 66, which cuts across Northern Virginia, is so congested that a fender bender can cause motorists to spend hours traveling the 24 miles from Haymarket to I-495, where most of the traffic snarls occur.

There's still no train that goes all the way from Washington to Dulles International Airport, some 40 years after plans were first laid. The federal government earlier this year stunned state officials by indicating it didn't want to kick in money for a $5 billion project to extend the rail system to the airport, effectively torpedoing it for now.

Obviously, this isn't all Frank Wolf's fault. Still, you've got to wonder what Wolf's been doing about this situation since 1980, when he was first elected to Congress. I mean, 27 years and all we got was this lousy (and ever worsening) traffic congestion? Seriously, though, how could Wolf have failed to get Metro to Dulles done in 27 years, especially given that he was in the majority for a good chunk of that time? Is that a record of accomplishment that 10th district voters want to reward with yet another term in Congress? Nope, didn't think so.

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Missy Blankenship said...

Thanks for the info. Have you seen http://www.BeatTheGridlock.com video yet? Check it out.