Friday, March 28, 2008

Frank Wolf: "I would give up my job for this"

The following is probably my favorite part from the Connection Newspapers article that I referenced the other day:
Rotary member Darren Ewing asked Wolf what he would be willing to give up in order to rein in spending, adding that House members receive generous benefits packages.

"I would give up my job for this," Wolf responded vehemently. "I’m 69 years old. I don’t take social security," he said, adding that he had lived in the same house since he worked at an upper-management position with the government.

Well, well, where do we even begin here? Wolf says "I would give up my job" to balance the budget and slash the nation's debt, yet he's voted:

*to eliminate the estate tax on the richest Americans (April 2001)
*to make Bush's tax cuts for the richest Americans permanent (April 2002)
*to spend trillions of dollars on Bush's strategic mistake in Iraq (repeated rubber stamp votes on this subject)

Wolf has also voted in 2006 to extend the Bush tax cuts, which the Washington Post said would result in "a net loss to the Treasury of about $69 billion."

Wolf voted in 2005 to provide $14.5 billion in tax breaks and incentives to Big Oil.

In 2005, Wolf voted against a budget plan to balance the budget by 2012 and implement budget enforcement procedures (pay-go) to block additional spending or tax cuts that require further borrowing from the Social Security trust fund.

In 2004, Wolf supported a Republican budget that proposed to spend the entire $1.0 trillion Social Security surplus from 2005 to 2009.

We could go on and on, but the point is that Frank Wolf is, to put it bluntly, all talk and no action when it comes to getting the federal deficit (and debt) under control. Frankly, Frank, if you're really willing to "give up [your] job for this," given your pathetic track record on fiscal responsibility, it seems that you should be shopping your resume around right about now!

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