Thursday, March 6, 2008

2,008 Strong for Judy in 2008

From the Feder campaign...
2008 is the year for change. We hear that a lot from the pundits. But it isn't the pundits that have made this a year for change. It's people like you, all across the country that are speaking out and standing up for a better America.

Thanks to your help and a hunger for change, Judy is running incredibly strong. To date, we have already received 1,799 individual donations! Today we're asking you to help us meet an ambitious goal of 2,008 individual donations for Judy by our March 31st fundraising deadline.

Click here to be one of 2,008 strong for Judy.

In 2006 we ran the strongest race against Frank Wolf in 24 years. But we didn't cross the 2,000 individual donation threshold until August 10th, less than 3 months from the election. Now, in 2008 we're poised to smash our own record and put Judy on the path to victory.

Individual donors and volunteers are the backbone of our campaign. Frank Wolf has all of the advantages of an incumbent Member of Congress, including hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interest lobbyists and PACs. Yet, thanks to you, Judy has kept pace in fundraising and was ranked by CQ as the 9th best funded challenger in the entire country!

Click here to be one of 2,008 strong for Judy.

We need fundamental change in Washington. After 27 years, it's safe to say that we're not going to get it from Frank Wolf. One of the country's leading health care experts, Judy Feder is a public servant, scholar and independent advocate for American families. She can win in November and with your help change the Congress and our country. Will you help us get there?

We're only 209 donors short of our goal of 2,008 strong for Judy and for change by March 31. But we've only got 26 days left to get there.

Click here to be one of 2,008 strong for Judy and for change, today!

Your contribution of $250, 100, $50 or whatever you can give really does make a difference.

Thank you for your support,

Luke McFarland
Campaign Manager
Judy Feder for Congress


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