Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Judy Feder: "I will do what Frank Wolf refuses to do - end the war"

From the Feder for Congress campaign...

Statement by Judy Feder on the Fifth Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

McLean, VA - “Today marks the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Yet, even as the poorly planned and misguided war now enters its sixth year, Rep. Frank Wolf continues to be a rubber stamp for George Bush’s failed approach, consistently voting against a responsible end to the war.”

“Despite five full years, nearly 4,000 brave American soldiers killed, and more than half a trillion dollars spent, Frank Wolf continues to stand in the way of change. Too many of our brave service members and too many military families are paying the ultimate price for George Bush's war in Iraq, and we need to bring them home. The rest of us are paying a pretty high price, too. This war has already cost the taxpayers of Virginia $12.4 billion through the end of 20071. Every year, with the money spent on this foreign policy disaster, we could have insured nearly 40 million Americans. Or, we could have funded desperately needed transportation and infrastructure projects including Rail to Dulles – and begun to alleviate our traffic crisis.”

“For years I’ve worked with the Pentagon to train battle-tested soldiers and if I'm elected to Congress, I will do what Frank Wolf refuses to do – end the war, support a responsible of redeployment of our troops, rebuild our military, and honor the debts owed to the brave men and women who have served their country.”

1 According to the National Priorities Project, the war in Iraq has so far cost the taxpayers of Virginia $12.4 billion, which could otherwise be invested in providing people with affordable health care, building new schools, addressing critical infrastructure needs and investing in renewable energy. [].

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