Monday, March 3, 2008

A Fellow Republican Critiques Frank Wolf

It's interesting to see a fellow Republican critique Frank Wolf. Here is what Wolf's "Reagan Republican" challenger Vern McKinley has to say:

*Wolf has "drifted badly the last eight to 10 years on spending...It seems like every one of his pet projects got funding, usually as an earmark."

*"McKinley is not a big fan of current U.S. foreign policy, and he said Wolf has not fully thought out the process to improve it."

*"Wolf, like some other members of Congress, does not fully think out issues, forcing him to react to actions rather than come up with a real policy."

*The economic stimulus package that Wolf voted for recently is simply "politicians in Washington [who] want to be seen as doing something about the troubled economy." McKinley adds that it will also mean "[b]orrowing from future generations to pay for consumption today."

*"...voters have shown signs of dissatisfaction with Wolf, commenting on how glad they are that McKinley is in the race."

Obviously, I don't agree with Vern McKinley on his "Reagan Republican" philosophy. Still, it's interesting what one of Wolf's fellow Republicans thinks of him.

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