Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Frank Wolf's Scare Tactics and Other Nonsense

I just read this account of Frank Wolf's appearance at the McLean Rotary, and there's enough material here for 10 blog posts! For instance, check this out on the Metro to Dulles project he's been working on (and failing to get done) since he's been in Congress, pretty much.
...[Wolf] said the likelihood of the rail running underground through Tysons Corner was slim. "The community has to decide, do you want to go with it above-ground, or do you not want to go with it," he said.

Attempting to change the above-ground plan that was approved in a 2002 vote, he said, would delay the project, raising its price and tipping the cost-benefit balance, which Wolf said was already "right on the border line."

What utter nonsense, Wolf continuing to peddle the scare tactics about how we either have to build Metro to Dulles the WRONG way -- no-bid deal for "Big Dig" Bechtel, poor design for any hope of smart growth in Tysons, etc., etc. -- or it will never get done at all? Well, hello Congressman? You've only been at this since, what, time immemorial? And you're seriously still peddling this garbage, as if you couldn't have gotten this project done a long time ago if you hadn't taken the "my way or the highway" (literally!) attitude? Pathetic.

Oh, and I love this!
WOLF SAID the nation's ballooning debt and this year's projected budget deficit of more than $400 billion constituted a crisis that few politicians were addressing. If the U.S. did not make radical changes in its financial policy, he said, it would be in danger of losing its triple bond rating, a situation that could have a major impact on the country's future.

Frank Wolf claiming he cares about balancing the budget and about fiscal responsibility? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Remember, this is the guy who, during most of this decade, was part of a Republican Congress that ran up huge spending increases, deficits, and national debt to pass onto our children. This is the guy who admitted, "I supported all the president’s tax cuts," while simultaneously calling the national debt a "moral" issue ("I cannot square my generation laying off our debt on [my grandchildren]." Well, hello, earth to Frank Wolf, what do you THINK is going to happen to your grandchildren if YOU keep voting for Bush's tax cuts for the richest Americans, while simultaneously voting for the biggest spending increases in U.S. history? I mean, does this take a rocket scientist to figure out, are you having a "McCain moment or what?

You know, there's so much material in this one article, I think I'll just make a series out of it after all. Unbelievable, does Frank Wolf think we're a bunch of idiots to believe the nonsense he's spewing out? If so, he's more out of touch than we ever suspected.

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