Thursday, March 13, 2008

Frank Wolf Says Americans Who Watch Olympics are "cooperating in ...genocide"

While very few Americans have much love for the current government of China, the fact is that China is an important country with which the United States has extensive, albeit complex, relations -- economic, political, etc. This August, China will host the 2008 Summer Olympics, in which thousands of athletes from around the world -- including a team from the United States -- will compete. In addition, the games will be viewed on TV by a worldwide audience in the billions, including perhaps 200 million (or more) Americans.

But wait a minute, not so fast! According to Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10), if you watch those Olympics you're a very, very bad person.
Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., cited concerns about China's record on human rights during a congressional hearing on Thursday and said Bush's presence would be akin to President Franklin D. Roosevelt sitting in the same stands as Germany's Adolf Hitler in 1936.

"Ronald Reagan would have never gone to the Olympics. I guarantee you that. Never gone," said Wolf, a member of the House Appropriations Committee.


Wolf said he realizes he probably can't stop Bush from attending, but any American seen waving in the stands "will go down in history as cooperating in the genocide Olympics of 2008. And history will never, ever, ever forgive them."

That's right, Frank Wolf says that any American who is "waving in the stands" of the 2008 summer Olympic games is cooperating in genocide. Presumably, when he says "waving in the stands," he's also including the 200 million Americans who will watch the Olympics on TV, since they are a big part of what will make these games an economic success or failure for China, the networks, etc. You might want to keep that in mind this August as you watch America's best swimmers, divers, gymnasts, and other athletes "go for the gold." Frank Wolf says that "history will never, ever forgive [you]."

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