Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wolf and RPV Freaking out Over Feder?

I received the following, breathless press release yesterday from the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV):

Washington Post: Donors to Wolf’s Foe Mostly Outside of Virginia

RICHMOND, VA – Republicans look poised to continue representing Virginia’s 10th congressional district as Democrat Judy Feder fails to gather support from residents of the Northern Virginia district.

“Virginia’s 10th district has sent a Republican to Washington for nearly three decades,” said Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Hager. “This strong support for Republicans within the district could explain why Judy Feder has been forced to go to some of the most liberal states in the country to find people willing to donate to her campaign. If she continues to struggle to appeal to people who actually live in the Commonwealth, it will mean another double-digit win for Republicans in November.”

According to a March 18, 2008 Washington Post article, “Donors to Wolf’s Foe Mostly Outside Virginia...”

The question is, why is the RPV so scared -- freaked out, even -- of Judy Feder's candidacy? Why is Frank Wolf sending out panic-stricken fundraising solicitations and whining to the Washington Post about the gobs of money Judy Feder is raising? Oh, sure Wolf and the RPV are technically complaining/whining/moaning about where Judy's money is coming from. But here's the real deal: if Wolf et al. were confident about themselves and not worried about Judy Feder posing a threat, they would simply be ignoring her. That's pretty much standard operating procedure in politics when you've got an opponent who (supposedly) has no chance. These types of press releases prove that Wolf and the RPV believe Judy Feder very much has a chance, and are "going negative" in an attempt to stop her before she gathers momentum.

In short, all this angst by the RPV and Rep. Wolf isn't because Judy Feder can't win, it's because they know she CAN win. Perhaps the fact that Wolf is on the DCCC target list far earlier than last cycle has him scared witless (or a word that rhymes with witless)? Or maybe Wolf and the RPV want to deflect attention from the fact that -- as the Washington Post reports -- "nearly half of Wolf's money has come from political action committees and other special action groups, many of them outside Virginia?" Or maybe they don't want people to focus on the fact that around 25%-30% of Frank Wolf's money comes from special interest, big business and ideologically right-wing PACs, whereas just 5% or so of Feder's money comes from PAC's? How about all of the above?

So here's the deal: if Frank Wolf wants to have a debate about where Judy Feder's and his money is coming from, how about he and his RPV lackeys stop whining on background to reporters and meet Judy anytime, any place, for a thorough debate on this topic? C'mon, Congressman, make Judy Feder's day! :)

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