Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Excellent Point on "Too Conservative"

I'll tell you, if this keeps up, I might just let the people at "Too Conservative" start posting on here directly. I mean, this stuff is just too good!
Congressman Wolf has spent more than $zero on this campaign because he is running scared, afraid his supporters will not show up on Tuesday. Now your story is that we do not want to waste resources. If Wolf was secure and everyone thought he was upholding Republican values he could run on his record alone. Your whining about having to waste resources contrasts with Feder whose supporters have not been whining about Turner’s challenge. She has been willing to debate Turner head-on unlike Wolf being MIA on debates.

Finally you are holding McKinley to a higher standard than Wolf that he has to be perfect out of the block. Wolf struggled in his early campaigns, first losing a primary and then losing a general before finally winning his first race.

On the first point, it's true, Wolf's skipped pretty much every joint forum this campaign season, while the other three candidates have shown up and debated the issues. Why hasn't Wolf showed up? Is it arrogance after decades in Washington? Or, is it simply that he knows he's got an impossibly awful record of rubberstamping Bush to defend?

On the second point, that's exactly the argument Judy Feder's been making, that Frank Wolf himself didn't win the first time he ran. In this case, Judy's going to win on try #2, sending Wolf to a pleasant, much-needed retirement. :)


vincentrharris said...
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vincentrharris said...

Lowell for all we know you could have posted that yourself!

E-mail me sometime, we need to catch up...

Lowell said...

I'm not that clever.