Thursday, June 5, 2008

Northern Virginia Progressive Blogs Endorse Judy Feder

The following endorsement is being issued by Anonymous is a Woman, Blueweeds, Bryan Scrafford, Leesburg Tomorrow, Not Larry Sabato, and RK (by unanimous vote of the RK executive committee - Eric, Brian, Josh, Rob, Dave, me). Combined, these blogs account for over 90% of the traffic in the Northern Virginia progressive blogosphere.

Judy Feder - 10th
The 10th CD primary offers Democrats an easy choice. In 2006, Judy Feder gave Frank Wolf the toughest race he's seen in more than a decade. This year, Judy is building on what she accomplished the last time around. For 2008, she has started earlier, is raising more money, and has built a highly capable campaign team -- all in a district that is trending blue and in a year which has seen record Democratic turnout across the country. Needless to say, the Republicans are worried, and justifiably so; perhaps that's why they've already begun attacking Judy.

Electability is essential, but Judy offers much more. First and foremost, she is one of the leading experts in this country on health care. This could prove to be a tremendous asset to President Obama as he works to ensure that all Americans have access to high-quality, affordable, universal health care coverage. In addition, as a veteran of the health care battles of the 1990s, Judy will help President Obama and the Democratic Congress avoid past pitfalls in getting this done.

In addition to health care, Judy believes in balancing the federal budget, paying as you go, getting out of Iraq responsibly, ending our oil addiction, and protecting our environment. As a member of Congress, she will bring her tremendous work ethic and intellectual rigor to these and other issues. We strongly and enthusiastically endorse Judy Feder for Congress!

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IndependentThinker said...

I’m voting for Colonel Mike Turner on June 10th because he has the experience and track record of real accomplishments that Professor Judy Feder, who lost by 16 percentage points to Frank Wolf in 2006, lacks.

Colonel Mike Turner provides specific and innovative solutions on every major issue. Professor Judy Feder does not.

Colonel Turner came out against the war in Iraq before the bombing started and he, along with Leslie Byrne and nearly 60 other Congressional candidates, has endorsed "The Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq". Judy Feder has not endorsed this plan.

But don't take my word for it. Rather than look at endorsements from Professor Feder's paid staffers or my reasons for supporting Mike Turner, I suggest that every blogger visit the two candidates' web sites, compare their personal accomplishments, and view the debate videos (posted on Mike Turner's website but not Feder's) -- then make up your own mind regarding which candidate is electable and which candidate can provide real leadership in Congress.

Each member of the netroots should do your own homework and think for yourself!

You have the power to make the right decision for our district and our nation.