Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"An Argument for Judy Feder"

With less than a week until primary election day, Leesburg Tomorrow has an excellent post on why everyone should vote for Judy Feder. I just wanted to reprint the email from "great local Democrat" Dave Kirsten here as well:
From: David Kirsten
Sent: Jun 3, 2008 7:22 AM
Subject: Why Judy Feder

Hi all,

Primaries can be both exciting and dividing as they go and such is definitely the case with the race for the 10th. It can be doubly difficult when the choice is between two people who I consider friends, but we all must rally behind the nominee, whoever that nominee is. Many of you already know I am supporting Judy Feder, but you may not know why.

I am supporting Judy Feder because of her policies and because she stands the best chance for defeating Frank Wolf this November. Judy who already had my support in her 2006 campaign won my support for her 2008 campaign the night she lost in 2006, when I asked her one question: "will you fade from the fight to change the 10th or will you fight again?" Her answer then was as strong as it is today as she told me she would not fade away but fight for all those in the 10th and the LCDC!

In 2002, John Stevens garnered 28% of the vote, in 2004 James Socas got 36%, but in 2006 Judy cracked 41% against Frank Wolf. She has the name recognition necessary to win in 2008.

She also has the experience necessary to finally get all Americans universal health care. She has worked hard for us all in this area by serving first on the Pepper Commission investigating health care issues in 1988 and working as a senior official in the Clinton Administration in 1993 fighting to expand health care insurance for all. She is a former chair and board member of the Academy of Health and currently is an elected member of the Institute of Health.

When a friend and member of our own Leesburg Dems fell on hard times with no job and no health care, but real pre-existing illnesses, it was Judy I called for advice and who volunteered to help and followed through with that person finding a solution. Judy is forever more than a politician to me and that friend.

Judy has the name recognition needed to win; she has the policy background necessary to assist the next Democratic President of the United States to finally provide all American health care. I ask you to vote for Judy Feder as our candidate to finally defeat Frank Wolf on June 10th.

Sincerely Yours,

David Kirsten

Barack Obama and Judy Feder, teaming up to provide every American with high-quality, affordable health care? Sounds like a plan to me!

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