Monday, June 2, 2008

"Too Conservative": Election Night 2008 Forecast

According to the Republican blog Too Conservative, the following scenario is very possible come November 2008:
It’s Election Night, 2008.

The outcome of the election came down to the former-red State of Virginia. Senator Barack Obama managed to carry NOVA by more than a 10% margin which lead him to a slim win in the state.

Virginia’s Senators are Mark Warner and Jim Webb.

Obama and Warner’s coat tails cost the election of Frank Wolf in VA-10, and Keith Fimian in VA-11.

Thelma Drake in VA-2 is in a recount and has only managed to hang on because of John McCain’s strong presence in the region.

Democrats now control the state Senate, Governor’s mansion, a majority of CD’s, both Senate Seats, and are looking for ’09 to take over the House.

I particularly like the part about Judy Feder beating Frank Wolf. Nice.

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