Friday, June 6, 2008

Feder Pre-Primary Newsletter; Come Help GOTV!

Campaign News Update 6/6/08

Get Out the Vote

Election Day is almost here! Judy is running strong, but we need your help to Get Out the Vote on June 10th. Click here to join our GOTV team, or call Sean at 703-388-2813 to find out how you can help.

The Experience

From the halls of Congress to the oval office, Judy has been a public servant at the highest levels of government. For the last decade she’s been training the next generation of civilian and military leaders on how to make change and solve real problems. Her experience and her commitment to change will make her an invaluable leader in transforming how Washington does business.

The Issues

As a nationally recognized health care expert, Judy is exactly what we need in Washington, and in Congress she’ll make the changes we need too:

Iraq – Judy is committed to ending the war and bringing the troops and the $12 billion dollars we’re spending each month in Iraq home.

Health Care – Judy knows we need quality, affordable health care for every American, and no one is better qualified to get to work and make it happen.

The Housing Crisis – Judy will fight to protect home ownership by cracking down on fraudulent lending and closing the bankruptcy loophole.

Support for Veterans – As someone who has taught military students, Judy is committed to honoring their service. That’s why she supports Senator Webb’s 21st Century GI Bill of Rights.

Transportation – Judy will put her policy know-how to work to improve our infrastructure, support smart growth, and extend rail to Dulles.

Winning in November

Democrats in our district have a choice on June 10th. We can start back at square one – as we have every two years against Wolf; or, we can choose to build on our success in 2006 and run a campaign with the name id, resources, and organization necessary to win in November.

Judy is the candidate with the resources necessary to go toe-to-toe with Wolf. On June 11th, our opponent would face a deficit of nearly $800,000 or more if he were our nominee.

In 2006, with the help of Democrats across the 10th we gave Frank Wolf his closest race in a quarter century. He knows that coming back at him is the way to win – that’s how he did it. If we elect Judy as our nominee she will be the strongest, best funded, best known challenger Frank Wolf has ever had, and with your help we’re going to win in November.

The Support

Our friends and allies know Judy’s the candidate to beat Wolf too. That’s why we’re proud to be able to claim the support of every U.S. Senator, Congressman, Virginia Delegate, and labor union that has chosen to support a candidate in this race. Here are a few of those that we’ve been fortunate to have had the support of during this campaign:

Delegate Chuck Caputo
Delegate Margi Vanderhye
Fairfax Co. Supervisor John Foust
HoD Candidate Jay Donahue
HoD Candidate Bruce Roemmelt
Supervisor Candidate Jeanne West
LCDC Leesburg Chair, Dave Kirsten
LCDC Sterling Chair, Tony Barney
The American Federation of Teachers
The Intl. Brotherhood of Boilermakers
Service Employees Intl. Union
Intl. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
The United Auto Workers
U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown
U.S. Senator Tom Daschle
U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
Congressman Jim Moran
Democratic Caucus Chair, Congressman Rahm Emanuel
Congressman Henry Waxman
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky
Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro

Election Watch Party

You’re invited! Be sure to vote, then join us after the polls close on June 10th for a celebration and primary night watch party at our McLean office – 6818 Tennyson Drive, McLean VA 22101.

Drop by anytime or call 703-388-2813 for more details.

If you’re free earlier in the day be sure to help us Get Out the Vote! Click here to join Judy’s GOTV team.

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