Thursday, June 19, 2008

What About Rights in the 10th?

It seems clear that Frank Wolf's record on human rights is one he plans on emphasizing in the fall, and while Frank Wolf has had a lot to say about human rights around the world, he cannot stand scrutiny in his own backyard.
U.S Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) penned a hot letter to United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon requesting he not send a human rights official to Prince William County to inspect the treatment of immigrant workers here. - The Washington Post
Why does Frank Wolf care about helping and protecting everyone but his own constituents. He doesn't protect our own right to vote, but rails when other countries have questionable elections. He decries people being put out of their homes abroad, but ignores his own constituents cries for help when they're put out of their homes. It seems that when Frank Wolf speaks on rights and liberties, he is unwilling to apply the same scrutiny to his own district that he insists on in other countries.

It's a common thread for Congressman Wolf, who last year paid people in other states to survey online porn, even while people were losing their Internet jobs in his own District. In order to win in November, Frank Wolf needs to distract the voters and divert their attention from the things he doesn't do for his constituents with his twenty-eight years in Congress.

Frank Wolf thinks that helping out in little ways will distract the voters from his complete lack of helping out in big ways. Frank Wolf thinks that yelling about rights in other places will distract the voters from the erosion of their rights at home.

The Voters of the 10th are smarter than that. In November, the time will come to retire Frank Wolf, and elect Judy Feder.

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