Friday, June 6, 2008

Obama, Daschle and Feder Bring us Universal Health Care in '09?

Now here's some food for thought: Tom Daschle as Secretary of Health and Human Services in an Obama administration? Congressman Judy Feder, one of the leading experts in America on health care helping Daschle and Obama guide universal health care legislation through Congress? How does that sound for you? Or, we could have John McSame, his soulmate Frank Wolf, and four more years of no universal health care coverage in this country.

Tough choice, huh?

P.S. By the way, Feder has a quote on the jacket of Daschle’s new book on health care reform. Interesting.


Andrew said...

The Farmer and the Insurance Agent

Imagine you’re a farmer out in the country. You know what type of crops to plant and when to plant them. You take pride every year when you see your goods being sold to market and fell good about providing nutrition for both youth and adults. You know very well that some of your crop will spoil before they make it to the shelves. However, there is nothing you can do to prevent this, once it leaves your farm, someone else has the responsibility of delivering or storing your crop.

Now imagine that about half of the population in the big cities has a great idea to stop crops from spoiling. They protest that the government should be the ones to grow and ship the crops. These idea holders have little knowledge of farming, but have heard that in some countries, government run farms appear to be just as efficient as ours. This is the basis of their argument. The government should run all farms and see that the shipment is delivered in a timely fashion, to ensure there are no spoiled products.

As a farmer you know that spoiled crops are inevitable, unless you grow them right next to the store. But there are many who hold you responsible, for what is really the nature of produce. Although it’s clear to you and all other farmers, that it's just the reality of farming, but to try and change the opinions of those in the far away cities would be impossible.

Those who cling to this new idea are happy to consume your crops. However, they haven't a clue as to what it takes to make them grow and to ship. They just want fresh produce and don't care to educate themselves about what farming is about.

The following year’s political season is filled with promises of government collectivization of farms. “Fresh produce” for all they say. This appeals to many, and the polls indicate that most people are in favor.

With dust in their eyes, they cannot recognize the benefits of the current system. They can pick and choose which ever store they wish to shop at and always have a variety of produce to choose from. They can complain to the store management if the tomatoes are never fresh. Management, in turn, will probably call a new produce vendor to keep his customers happy.

Shortly after the elections, an agricultural collectivization act is past. All farms are now government run. The harvest is expensive, but the government does its best and it turns out to be a great season. The Gov. then ships the harvest to the cities and the inevitable occurs. There are some spoiled goods. Now the city folk find themselves in a tight spot. Who can they complain to, and who would listen? Now they are stuck.

I know the idea of Free Health care for all seems great, but it is a trap. You will be stuck with what ever the government says. What if you really needed a surgery and the Gov. deems it unnecessary or what if a preventable mistake occurs during a procedure? Maybe you feel your doctor is incompetent but he’s going to be your surgeon, who do you turn too?

The reality is that your grievances will be ignored, you may be denied a life saving treatment or possibly a therapy that would improve your life. Today we have choices upon choices, and doctors are fully aware that you may drop them at any time. They save lives and alleviate pain, but at the end of the day, they still need to feed their families. So long they compete for our dollars, Dr.’s will always be at the mercy of the consumer. If you place your health in the hands of the government, you will no longer have control of your health, it will belong to the Feds.

Less Gov. is Better Gov. So Long It’s a Fair Gov.

Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

What is wrong with our system? We have great facilities, doctors, and programs for the needy.
For example. In the state of Texas, there are many uninsured children. However, there are over 150 different programs that are either free or work off a sliding scale. (usually like $10/mo per child) These are also quality plans.
I just helped two single mothers obtain coverage for the children.
The outline of coverage which came with their packages blew me away.
For instance, if a child has an appointment with a Dr. and the child's mother has no gas money, they will provide transportation to and from the appointment or place of care.
The best plans in the private sector can't hold a flame to what the two mothers now have given their children.
I personally know one family that has had an application for this program for over a year. They just can't find the time to apply. WTF?
They might even qualify for children’s Medicaid, which is free, but we will never know until they take the fifteen minutes necessary to fill out the paper work. You can lead a horse to water……..
This is why I question those who blame the system. Major Medical Coverage can be obtained by everyone in the U.S., and it's affordable.
The individual must take the first steps if we are going to improve the system. We used to call it "Personal Responsibility", I don't know if we have that in our collective vocabulary any more?

Anonymous said...

I once lived in an impoverished neighborhood where I was “a grain of salt, in a pepper shaker” (My good friend and neighbor bestowed me that title). So please allow me to speak from experience.
Almost every neighborhood kid I knew ate McDonald's on a daily basis. Seems innocent right?
But the reality is, for the cost of one Happy Meal, I was able to purchase enough rice and beans to feed me for a week. I am an athlete and at the time I was a laborer, therefore I had to consume at least three thousand calories per day to maintain my weight.
One week, twice the amount of calories the neighborhood children needed in a day, all for the price of one Happy Meal!
Call it cheap or call it responsible, but I was able to save $, eat healthy, and pay for my own medical care.
If one can afford McDonald's daily, but can't afford an insurance policy, then you have to call it what it is. BAD PARENTING.
There were good parents in the neighborhood. They had insurance for their entire family. Either through government assistance, their employer, or they paid on their own. I called these people Good Parents. Where there is a will there is a way. Rather then neglect the matter and push their expenses on everyone else, these good parents took the time and found a way to get covered. There is a Health Plan for everyone except for the lazy.

Health and Life Insurance for Texans