Friday, June 20, 2008

Wolf Votes Against Paid Parental Leave for Federal Employees

Yet ANOTHER day and yet ANOTHER bad vote by Frank Wolf. This is starting to get monotonous, but it's important that people know what their representative is doing for to them.

This one is a classic, with Wolf voting with his party against H RES 1277, "Providing for Consideration of H.R. 5781, to Provide That 8 of the 12 Weeks of Parental Leave Made Available to a Federal Employee Shall Be Paid Leave." The bill passed the House yesterday by a 222-197 margin, but no thanks to Republicans like Frank Wolf.

It's strange, aren't Republicans the ones who always claim that they're the "family values" party? Yet here, they're voting against paid leave for new parents? As if that's not bad enough, Frank Wolf is voting against the interests of federal employees, a large voting bloc in his district. What IS he thinking?

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