Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why VA-10 Matters

Just in case you thought the fight for one more seat in Congress, ours, doesn't really matter, OpenLeft reminds us that it matters more than those of us actually knocking on doors may realize.
7. Feder/Wolf. This one may surprise you, because VA-10 is a very tough district, and Judy- while being a remarkable candidate and raising a ton of money- is a ways from the top of the DCCC targeting. VA is a really important state in Presidential politics, though, and winning upsets in the DC market gets lots of national media attention and shakes people up (see Donna Edwards). But I mostly have her on this list because of Judy's savvy knowledge and passion on health care- if she is in the Congress, it improves our odds dramatically of getting a good universal health reform bill passed. Given her knowledge, skill, and connections, she would be one of the highest impact freshman members of Congress of all time. - OpenLeft
Judy has always been a superstar for her fight for universal and quality healthcare. It's great to see the national blogosphere taking a notice as well. And in this case, even putting its money where its mouth is.

It's nice to know that the nation has our backs as we fight for a progressive 10th District.

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