Saturday, June 7, 2008

Too Conservative: Frank Wolf's view "to the right of his district's"

Gotta love this comment from Nova Conservative at the blog "Too Conservative":
As I said, I think Frank Wolf will have a tough race this November. That’s not a revelation–but the idea that somebody with no name ID whose views are not in line with the districts (understanding that truthfully Frank Wolf’s views are probably to the right of his district’s at this point) could beat a well funded Democrat is absurd.

Then, another commenter ("Loudoun Insider")responds:
I agree with you wholeheartedly that Frank Wolf is absolutely pretty far to the right of the majority of constituents in his district. However, he keeps getting elected because of his excellent record and reputation. He also comes off as a likable guy. The new brand of wingnuts cares not one iota for general election viability and thinks you have to be an arrogant in your face prostelitizer in order to receive their blessing (and many of them look at this as some kind of “divine” quest that they’re on).

Frank Wolf is as conservative a politician as is going to be elected in this district. Period. All else is pie in the sky zealotry.

That's right, Frank Wolf is NOT the "moderate" he claims to be. But don't take our word for it; these comments are from one of the leading conservative blogs in Virginia. In other words, we rest our case.

With that in mind, please vote for Judy Feder on Tuesday and we'll spend June, July, August, September and October letting everyone in the 10th CD know who the real Frank Wolf is. Thanks.

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