Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Debate Transcript Proves It: Wolf Supports McCain Health Benefits Tax!

Moderator: What Measures would you suggest to improve the availability—and I'm going to include affordability—of health care without the system becoming socialist?

Congressman Wolf: We have to make health insurance more accessible and more affordable, we also have to make sure we keep it between the doctor and the patient and not involve the federal government.

I think the proposal that has been made with regard to Senator Kaine…Senator McCain and many others.

With regard to a $5000 tax credit: Most people receive their health insurance through their place of employment, that would also help employers large and small to do it.

Also, the $5000 tax credit would allow you to take it some other place. For realtors to band together, for small businesses to band together. Also for the portability to take place.

[Wolf goes on to talk about legislation he's supported for research and mental health parity]

Judy Feder: Let me talk a little bit about it, since you seem to favor it, Mr. McCain's plan.

Mr. McCain has said he want to deregulate the health insurance industry the way we so successfully deregulated the banking industry. I think that is not the way we want to go and let me tell you why:

He wants to tax our health care benefits. The experts tell us that when he does that, it's going to leave 20 million people losing the insurance they now have.

And he's going to send them to the market place with a $5000 tax credit for insurance that for a family costs $12,000. And it's not going to protect anybody from discrimination based on pre-existing conditions…

[Judy goes on to talk about McCain not being able to get health care and that she does not advocate a government takeover]

Moderator: One minute for rebuttal, Congressman Wolf would you like it?

Congressman Wolf: No

Again, note that Frank Wolf had the opportunity at the debate to deny that he supported John McCain's huge tax on health care benefits, but he said "no." Just as Wolf says "no" to the middle class in general, while he's saying "yes" to Big Oil and Big Pharma. Priorities, priorities...

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