Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last Fundraising Push...Victory Within Sight!

From the Feder campaign...please help out if you can! Thanks.
Yesterday, I spoke in front of an incredible crowd of 35,000 at an Obama rally in the heart of the 10th District. If anyone still had doubts that Virginians are hungry for change they were put to rest in Leesburg on Wednesday.

The excitement is palpable and with only two weeks left, victory is within sight!

In the final days, it’s all about making enough phone calls, talking to enough voters, knocking on enough doors and getting our voters to the polls.

Each dollar we raise allows us to reach more voters in the waning hours of the campaign. Can you help us with our final push before our Get Out The Vote effort begins?

$9.45 buys 35 postcard stamps for volunteers to send after talking to a voter about Judy.

$24.30 buys 30 phone calls to voters who are still undecided about Judy

$48.90 buys 17 Obama-Warner-Feder signs for use at polling places on Election Day.

$98 buys 700 pieces of Obama-Warner-Feder GOTV literature for our canvasses.

You can make a tremendous difference with less than $10. Please consider making a contribution today.

Every little bit helps and I so appreciate your support in this incredibly important Election year.

Thanks Loads,


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