Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Video of Judy Feder on the Trail

I’ve seen Judy Feder speak in a variety of different settings over the last three years and I’m always amazed at the energy she has and how passionate she is about public service. Once again, this came across in her speech last night as she told the audience why she believes she should be the next Congresswoman from Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

During her speech, Judy started by thanking all of the students who were in attendance and pointed out that we had less than 30 days before an election in which we were going to decide whether we are going to turn things around or keep digging the hole that the current administration. She also pointed out how so many people she’s been talking to during the campaign realize that the choice that we can’t afford is more of the same and Frank Wolf is no “agent of change.” The 10th Congressional District has been facing many of the same problems that it faced in 1980 when Wolf was first elected, in fact, but he has simply failed to properly address the issues. That is why the district needs a change in representation.

The following video is just a highlight of how Judy truly is running to bring about the change that is necessary.

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