Thursday, October 30, 2008

Help GOTV for Judy!

From the Feder campaign:
The Washington Post got it right this morning when they said that, “Judy Feder’s credentials as a nationally recognized health care expert have never been so in demand.”

We all know that our broken health care system needs to be fixed, but it’s not just on health care that we need real change.

Frank Wolf has been in office for 28 years and though he may not be George Bush, he’s voted with Bush on the economy and Iraq 92% of the time.

Judy will work with Barack Obama to get our economy back on track, fix our broken health care system, and end the war in Iraq.

Thanks to your support we’ve had an incredible couple of days

We’ve bolstered our network TV buy – matching a 28 year incumbent dollar for dollar.

We’ve funded an outreach program to the 42,000 new voters in the 10th District.

Now we need to put the final piece in place.

Working with the Obama and Warner campaigns we’ve put together a fantastic Get Out the Vote operation. But we need to raise an additional $21,812 to pay it.

Contribute today to help us Get Out the Vote!

Luke McFarland
Campaign Manager

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