Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Frank Wolf Used to Represent "Communist Country?"

As Frank Wolf stood by the other day without uttering a peep of protest, John McCain's brother told a crowd of Republicans that Arlington and Alexandria are "Communist Country."
Joe McCain called Virginia a "very, very important" state for each presidential candidate and noted that he identified with the state, as a Virginian himself for 10 years. Joe McCain also noted that, prior to making Virginia his permanent home, every third year or so he would be assigned to Arlington or Alexandria, which he referred to as "Communist country."

That remark made waves with some Virginians and Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chairman Tim Buchholz Monday issued a statement denouncing the remark.

Buchholz said he was appalled at Joe McCain's comment, which he called "either a serious insult to the citizens of Northern Virginia, many of whom are veterans, or a crass attempt at humor during a time of crisis that requires bipartisan cooperation." Buchholz also noted that "Unlike the McCain-Wolf event, the Virginia Democrats for Obama event [held in Sterling Saturday] focused on a substantive discussion of the issues."

Of course, Joe McCain's comment was ridiculous on so many levels it's hard to even know where to start. For instance, John McCain has one of his countless homes in Arlington, as well as his national campaign HQ. Arlington is the home of the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, the Iwo Jima Memorial, and one of the lowest property taxes in the region. Even more amusing, Frank Wolf represented Arlington in Congress until his district was gerrymandered back in 1990. That's right: Frank Wolf used to represent "Communist Country." So why was Wolf silent as he stood on stage while Joe McCain made his offensive remark? You'd think a "moderate" like Frank Wolf might not like that kind of talk. :)

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