Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Washington Post, Winchester Star Pick Up Wolf Campaign Assault Story

The story of Wolf campaign staffers assaulting Feder staffers has been zipping around the blogosphere. Now, it's hit the "mainstream media" as well. The Washington Post has a story on the front page of the Metro section today, in which - among other things - Frederick County Supervisor Gary Lofton (R), who pinned one Feder staffer against the wall of the Best Western Hotel, claims he was just "trying to reason with him," that he "did not see anyone get struck," and that regardless, the Feder staffers are the ones who should be "absolutely ashamed of themselves" for "getting in the congressman's face."

So, the next time there's a media scrum and reporters are sticking microphones in Frank Wolf's face, can we expect Wolf's hired hands to start assaulting the reporters? And can we expect Wolf's staffers to excuse their criminal behavior by claiming the victims "provoked" their assaults? Just want to be clear about this...

Meanwhile, the Winchester Star reports that the Wolf campaign will NOT be firing Ben Dutton, the man who struck Feder's cameraman with a cane:
Despite calls from the Feder campaign, Dutton will keep his job, Scandling said.

“We are not firing Ben Dutton,” he said. “Ben Dutton is a respected, long-time member of the Winchester community. We are not firing him.”

And, of course, the classic final line.

Wolf could not be reached for comment Monday.

Of course not!

P.S. By the way, Benjamin Dutton has been on Wolf's staff as a "part time employee" since 2001. Pretty nice gig, though - he has made $180,833 since 2001 as a part-timer. I think the part where he beats people with a cane falls into the "other duties as assigned" category. Ha.

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David said...

I just watched the video, and you've got to be kidding me; the video man doesn't leave the Congressman and his wife alone when Wolf doesn't want to answer the persistent questioning; then an old man accompanying Wolf puts his hand up to push the camera out of Wolf's way, and you call this assault? You are a wimp and a crybaby from what is depicted in the video. If this is what you do to get headlines about your candidate you should re-evaluate why you are in politics in the first place.