Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Over-the-Top Attack Ad Reveals the Real Frank Wolf

As you watch this ad, consider that this is about as far from the real Judy Feder as anyone can possibly imagine. It's also as far from the truth and over-the-top as a Sarah Palin interview or a Jeff Frederick mailer. But it IS very revealing about Frank Wolf, who also is busy denying that he endorsed John McCain's huge health care tax proposal, even though it's all on videotape! So much for Frank Wolf being a "good guy," a "moderate," truthful, or significantly better from the Fredericks, McCains and Palins of the world. Boy, is it ever time for a change in the 10th CD!

UPDATE: Here's the videotape of Frank Wolf endorsing John McCain's health care plan, and not denying it when Judy Feder calls him on it. Enjoy!

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