Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Help Put Judy on TV

From the Feder campaign:
It’s go time.

You’ve already seen our first three commercials. They aired on cable in key markets across the 10th District – to build Judy’s profile and lay the groundwork for our big push in the final weeks of the campaign.

It’s time to go up on network TV. A strong network buy is key to our ability to win this race. This morning, we aired our first sport on network TV, but in order to make sure voters have the chance to see it as many times as possible before the election, we have to make sure we make the strongest media buy we can.

Wolf is on network as well, and we need your help to match him dollar-for-dollar.

Help us make a strong network buy. Pick the show you want the ad to run in, and then purchase the spot for us.

Below are the programs and actual costs per spot:

The Food Network- $23

The Daily Show- $53

The Colbert Report- $106 (2 spots)

Monday Night Football on ESPN- $150

Hardball on MSNBC- $265 (5 spots)

ABC 7 News at 12 - $500

Fox Morning News - $600

The View - $750

CBS 9 news at 6 - $865

Good Morning America - $1400

NBC 4 News at 5 - $1620

Judy has made a convincing case for change over the course of this campaign. We also have an incredibly strong ground game on behalf of the Obama-Warner-Feder ticket in VA-10.

But to win we need a strong broadcast buy. Contribute today to help us get our message out to voters in the 10th district.

Thanks for all you do,

Luke McFarland
Campaign Manager

P.S. Remember to check the ad out by clicking here!

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