Friday, October 24, 2008

Social Right Winger Wolf Gets a Zero Rating From Human Rights Campaign

That's right, Frank Wolf the supposed "moderate" just got a big, fat ZERO rating from the Human Rights Campaign, for his votes against hate crimes legislation (!!) and employment non-discrimination(!!!).

In sharp contrast, Judy Feder is committed to "defend civil rights and uphold the principles of equality" for all people - gay and straight, black and white, old and young, male and female - ALL people.
Wolf has had a history of anti-gay votes since he began serving in Congress in 1981. In its scorecard released Wednesday for the 110th Congress, the Human Rights Campaign gave Wolf a score of zero for his positions on legislation in the U.S. House.

Last year, Wolf voted against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and hate crimes legislation. He also voted in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004 and 2006.

He also voted in favor of a bill that would have barred gay couples from adopting in D.C. in 1999 and voted in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.

Feder told the Blade that she would support ENDA, hate crimes legislation and a bill repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” She said she opposes a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and supports civil unions.

Feder said gay voters should support her because Wolf will not support any gay-friendly legislation in Congress.

“As a legislator, I will defend civil rights and uphold the principles of equality,” she said.

By the way, this isn't an isolated pattern of votes for Frank Wolf. In general, Wolf isn't just socially far right in this area. He's also consistently opposed using federal tax dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research. He's supported prohibitions on abortions at U.S. military facilities, even if they're not funded by private donations. He's strongly supported the Hyde Amendment, which rejects funding for abortion services even in cases of incest and rape.

The bottom line: Frank Wolf has moved further right on social issues as the 10th district has become more socially moderate. Let's face it, 28 years is a long time to be in Congress, especially given the huge population growth and demographic changes that have taken place during that time. Today, Frank Wolf finds himself out of touch, out of tune, and hopefully in 12 days, out of a job.

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