Thursday, October 2, 2008

Frank Wolf on John McCain: Liar, Clueless or Both?

I bet you didn't know that not only is Frank Wolf an amazing congressman (snark), he's also a top-notch political analyst. Check this out from September 12.

Question: ...The McCain-Obama race is tighter in Virginia than a lot of people thought it would be...

Wolf: I don't think it is anymore, I think it's breaking loose...I have sensed that in the last two weeks that McCain has surged. I think he got a tremendous bounce out of the convention...I was at a rally that they had in Fairfax; it was the largest rally ever held in Northern Virginia...23,000 people in the middle of the day...

Wolf then goes on to talk about what a "reformer" McCain is, how much "change" he'll bring, how he'll "bring Democrats together to work on issues." He specifically cites "Traitor" Joe Lieberman's speech at the Republican National Convention as an example of this.

Now here's the truth. First, McCain has NOT surged; in fact, he's trailing Barack Obama by about 2-3 points in Virginia. Second, the Republican rally in Fairfax only had 8,000 people, NOT 23,000 people, that's just a blatant lie (as is the statement that it was the "largest rally ever held in Northern Virginia; that's beyond laughable). Third, John McCain's campaign has been divisive, mean spirited, malicious, and false - the exact opposite of "change," "reform," or bringing Democrats to work with him on issues.

The latest case in point: McCain's disastrous, last-minute attempt at intervening in the financial rescue package negotiations and his blame game and playing politics (e.g., his non-suspension of his campaign) when our country's economy is at stake. Yet Frank Wolf really thinks this is what our country needs after 8 long years of Republican misrule? Well, I guess you are pretty much a rubber stamp for George W. Bush, as is John McCain, what else could you think?

What a joke.

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